Abstracts from an ITSM White paper submitted

14 Jun

IT Service Management has become a popular discussion amongst CIOs these days. It is a process-based practice to align delivery of IT services with the business. It is evolving rapidly and hence, it necessitates a need to educate customers and help them to improve their support/services by introducing or aligning their processes with ITIL guidelines.

Despite the availability of various ITSM tools and service providers, there seems to be a disconnect between the genuine implementers and potential customers in need.

Knowing about ITSM is one aspect; however, how do you convince the customers to move towards ITSM practice? In short, how do you ITSMize the customers by being candid and without being biased by merely profits or your favourite tool? Just sharing few fancy slides and numbers does not help. I think that many of the customers do not seem to understand the practicalities and how to adapt to ITSM practice. It becomes equally important to understand their existing processes / use cases and, align them with ITSM/ITIL guidelines without causing too much of disruption. Yes, it is critical that usability of the system for that respective organization is considered without compromising the functionality.

The White paper on ITSM best practices that I have submitted attempts to share the simple (without complicating it with many jazzy tables and figures), yet, pragmatic practices and framework that eStomi has learnt and leveraged with its customers, for successful ITSM implementations and deployments. I will be sharing the paper on our website as a part of August blog.


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