Swachch Bharat Plus

1 Jan

Amitabh Bachchan tweeted his photos and video of cleaning the streets holding a broom. Priyanka Chopra too posted her video where she did a fantastic job of depicting how dirty the Versova area was and how she cleaned it with her team. Sachin Tendulkar squeezed his hand-gloves to drain the sweat that had gotten accumulated after spending several hours cleaning streets near to his locality along with few other volunteers.

Mr. Modi has indeed done a fantastic job of nominating certain set of celebrities for his Swachch Bharat campaign. This certainly helps to gather a good momentum and get more people (who are mostly followers of such celebrities) to join the campaign of cleaning drive. The celebrities get an opportunity to leverage their popularity for a better use, get to interact with their followers and of course, some of them use it for their publicity too. Nevertheless, I see this as a win-win activity where everybody, and thus the nation, gets benefited. Let me put a disclaimer that this blog has not been written to publicize BJP or Modi. The intent was to derive a helpful context from a good idea and explore if we can apply it to other areas to improvise.

I was wondering if we can extend this campaign rather than restricting it to cleaning streets or dirty localities only.

  • Can we also consider cleaning corruption from our respective regions?
  • Can we consider cleaning our outlook towards women and children and not letting to repeat the incidents like Nirbhaya?
  • Can we get rid of ineffective politicians or officers from our Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, our corporations, Panchayats, systems etc?
  • Can we work together to clean up terrorism and make this world a better place to live without fear?

What are we waiting for? A plan? Modi did not ask anybody to prepare a plan how to drive the clean. The objective was kept simple and it conveyed a message of cleaning. Can we really NOT worry about coming up some ridiculous plan only to realize that it is difficult to execute but simply start cleaning our societies, systems and our minds? We can also start nominating leaders/celebrities in respective domains that can influence followers in right direction to clean up corruption, terrorism or mind. Its not just a broom that helps in cleaning. You can use your intelligence, humor, honesty, compassion etc as well :-). I am sure that if the objective is kept simple and crystal clear – “to clean”, we will find out simple and yet effective ways to clean and emerge as Swachch Bharat.

When are we getting started?


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