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Time for a remedy for Remedy?

2 Aug

Are you done saving tigers? Ok, now how about discussing a bit about Remedy consultants now? I believe that there are hardly 3200 tigers left in the world today. Close to 97% of tigers got wiped out in just one century! Contrary to that, similar percentage of ‘so called Remedy consultants’ may have gotten added to market in past 5-6 years.

I don’t intend to hurt sentiments of genuine Remedy consultants; however, I think that today whoever can spell Remedy or blabber something about Active Links, Filters and Escalations tend to claim that they are Remedy experts. Are they? Ask them to explain on some of their projects and pat comes one of such replies – ‘I only worked on small part of the project’, ‘I didn’t develop it, I modified only Run If condition’, ‘I haven’t worked on Filter guide yet’ or the most standard answer – ‘I didn’t get an opportunity to work on it’ :-). Guess what? These are the replies from the people who self-rate not less than 8 or 9 out of 10 and demand double their current salary!

Let me tell you what prompted me to write this blog… But before that, let me share a brief history for few readers who may not know. Peregrine had acquired Remedy in 2001 and sold it to BMC in 2002. However, they retained Service Center under their brand name (which later was renamed as HP Service Manager after HP bought Peregrine in 2005). You may find more details in Dimensional Research evaluation.

After discussing with some of the ITSM experts who have implemented ITSM solutions, they found that it was difficult for Remedy developers to adapt to ARS 7.6 from ARS 6.x or ARS 7.1. The cost involved was way higher than training developers of other tools to move form older to higher versions. Besides, Remedy believed in making the tool flexible for customizing whereas many others product vendors limited the customizations to important and business-critical features. The net result – the impact on deploying time that it takes for Remedy applications due to its large customized and newly developed objects. Undoubtedly, many customers start complaining as the performance issues creep in. Then comes the cost factor. The list goes on.

Now, let me assure you that I am not attempting to malign Remedy tool. In fact, that always remained my first enterprise technical love :-). However, I am slightly concerned the way Remedy community is growing with unprofessional and unethical and dispassionate people who call themselves as Remedy experts. Most of the recruiters that I know, dread to recruit Remedy folks. They have had experience on people being arrogant, turning away the offers at last minute after accepting it, demanding absurdly high hikes and behaving as if they are the center of the Universe. I end up regularly interviewing many Remedy/ITSM candidates and am stunned to see the number of companies that they would have changed exceeds the number of diapers that they may have changed few years ago:-). Very few people demonstrate the passion towards the technology and to do something different. Rest of them consider only monetary aspects that do not seem to have any logic.

All I am trying to say is that Remedy is a great tool and if implemented properly, can benefit the organizations and customers significantly. Let’s not abuse the flexibility that it provides to customize. Instead, let us leverage it to build creative solutions that add values rather than introducing performance issues. And if one doesn’t know how to do it, they should learn it properly before implementing it. Remember, your monetary expectations are already high. How long do you think customers will continue to bear the spiraling cost? As you may know Remedy has already been implemented in ~90% of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 organizations. There is enough of work to do for all the consultants. Other tools like ServiceNow, Cherwell etc are gaining prominence. Let’s not be greedy and make Remedy world more complicated than it has already become. Shall we?


One Day Contract

8 Jul

Long term vision and its execution has become a norm for the leaders today. They invest in enriching domains, resources, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions; and indeed on strategy.

I remember talking with my then HR Manager about 15 years ago on understanding the IT market. What he told appeared interesting and intimidating too. He had just had a meeting with an influential personality of Singapore. The personality had told him that he planned only for a week as he didn’t have control beyond that duration. What essentially he meant was that he needed to keep himself appraised at least every week on what’s happening and if he didn’t, he would lag behind! Now, he didn’t refer it in terms of the regular ‘rat race’. It was in the context of learning. In simple words, as a leader, he couldn’t keep himself behind. If he did, he became a ‘follower’, not ‘leader’.

That was then. How often do we evaluate ourselves to know if we are on the right track? Tell me if you really write down your objectives/goals (especially the ones that you submit every year to be evaluated during appraisals)? All of the so-called established organizations have this as a practice and we all know that most of them write the goals just before a day or hour before appraisals. The so-called leaders/managers are in hurry to ‘formally’ review the progress but in reality, they are keener to accommodate their team members as per normal distribution curve. No genuine discussion/feedback, just ensuring that critical resources are retained. The strategy, long term vision, planning etc – everything takes a backseat at that time. The moment it is over, it is quickly forgotten until the next appraisal.

Have you wondered why pigeons don’t crash? I learned about it in Primary Plus magazine. To understand the reason, researchers constructed randomized obstacle courses of vertical poles, through which four pigeons-trained to fly between two perches- could traverse. They monitored the data using series of ceiling mounted, high-speed cameras. They constructed literal bird’s-eye view along the flight. They observed that pigeons seem to prefer steering toward larger gaps, if available, when making rapid steering decisions. i.e. the pigeons adjusted their flight path when only 1.5 meters from the entry of artificial forest – rather than planning out their path in advance.

I think that in today’s world, the true leaders lead as if they have one day contract. As Jeff Immelt said in one of his interviews, one stays if he brings in heat, if one is competitive and if one is making a difference. He stated very aptly that the common trait of business leaders is that they are learners. This gets evaluated on a daily basis. You don’t perform for a day and you lose out learning and contributing for that day. I repeat that this is not about a ‘rat race’; however, I believe that leaders need to have ‘one day contract’ to keep themselves and their organizations competitive.

What is duration of contract that you have to keep yourself ahead in the game?

Rebooting in 2014 for 2020

7 Jan


“eStomi leverages $104M from the surplus funds to set up 3 schools in South Africa, 8 in India and 12 in Philippines.”

“eStomi acquires 3 companies in Australia and 2 in Sweden.”

“Virgin Galactic, NASA and eStomi partner to set up their R&D center at ISS (International Space Station).”

“$35 Billion order has been bagged by eStomi to set up entire business service and solutions management for forthcoming Olympics.”

“‘Follow eStomi’ is what Gartner and Forrester seem to have been suggesting their clients in order to be successful, after conferring World’s Best Business Leader on it for 5th time consecutively.”

“eStomi CTO was invited as a special guest for a dinner hosted by Nasdaq, NYSE and BSE in honor of Indian PM.”

Yes, I know the ‘futuristic’ news above seem far fetched and may form a subject of laughing stock. However, I also truly believe that ‘Low aim is a crime’. We would, for sure, severely amplify our preparation and hard work commencing 2014. It also pays to be slightly eccentric and to have madness in imagining and planning such scenarios. When people watched Startrek, or Wright brothers attempting their first flight, weren’t they laughed at? Check this out (http://www.pcquest.com/pcquest/analysis/203391/mobile-proliferation-shall-drive-cloud-services). Startrek and Minority Report concepts may be closer than you think. There have been few aspects which I seem to have realized off-late. As Ford suggested once, we do not want take off our eyes from our goals and get distracted due to obstacles. We understand that to achieve these types of high end goals, lot of preparation needs to go into the organization. And it is certainly not possible without a coordinated world class team. I hope that above aspirational news are not reflected as greed, in any way for that matter. For us, it would merely act as a motivational catalyst to ensure that eStomi works very, very hard to earn that kind of respect and reputation.

For instance, when Anna Hazare had started revolution against corruption, it took a while to gather the momentum. Little did anybody realize Arvind Kejriwal would emerge and start a political party and most importantly, defeating Sheila Dixit who has had been winning for years after years with a huge majority. When Apple had received funding from Microsoft, had anybody expected Apple to grow way bigger than Microsoft? It was in debt. Indeed, I do not want to explain the strategy in this blog; however, we intend to do few things with a stark difference going forward –

  • Take chances & risks: In past, we have played safe by relying only on references and presuming that assignments would get lined up. While trying to perfect the practice, we seem to have avoided doing things that we should have. Note that I am not referring to only chances/opportunities. I also mean that we will not hesitate risking a few things (which we have, in past), if we need to. Never mind, we’ll be doing that starting 2014.
  • Stratgize differently: Since we always had orders lined up one after the other, strategizing had taken a back seat. May be we had become slightly complacent. We now have the strategy to get ourselves on a fast track in place.
  • Laying next level foundation: Our current core focus remains on ITSM and BSM. We also intend to get into few other areas shortly. In past, those thoughts have remained only in discussions. We intend to lay a strong foundation and work towards it to avoid the mistakes that we did when we started the org in the beginning.

Well, as they say, well begun is half done. I have been writing the blogs for past 40 months now pouring in my thoughts and experience as I try to grow the organization. In the process, I have published a few blogs which I wasn’t completely convinced from quality perspective. I hope to improvise on that and target to make every blog more meaningful. See you in my next blog. Until then, wish you all a meaningful and a very Happy New Year ! Take care.